Indiana Language Roadmap

Indiana Language Roadmap

Beginning in 2017, the Indiana Language Roadmap is developing and implementing a statewide plan to strengthen world language learning, with collective input from stakeholders across business, education, health care, and government sectors. This two year project is supported through the Language Flagship, an initiative funded by the Department of Defense through their National Security Education Program and administered by the Institute for International Education. For world language learning, the Indiana Language Roadmap will:

  • diversify and enhance opportunities
  • increase access
  • ensure equity
  • improve quality
  • build statewide support
  • expand resources

Leadership team

Dr. Hilary Kahn, Principal Investigator

Dr. Yea-Fen Chen, Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Teresa Nichols, Project Coordinator

The Advisory Board consists of seven members who represent multiple sectors across the state and are providing input throughout the writing and implementation of the Roadmap. The nine Regional Leaders were selected from diverse sectors, and they will work collectively to write the roadmap and further its implementation. They are responsible for recruiting “Community of Transformation” committees for their region to provide additional input on the strengths and challenges facing Hoosiers and the Indiana workforce.

Indiana State regions and communities of transformation
Map of Indiana state regions and communities of transformation. For explanation of regions, please email us at

The Indiana Language Roadmap project offers multiple points for stakeholders to provide input on the design, final version, and implementation of the statewide plan. It also includes avenues to connect Indiana knowledge with national expertise. For more information, please contact us at