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The Global Center is a hub of internationalization, global scholarship and learning, innovative partnerships, and interdisciplinarity at Indiana University and beyond. We create diverse and inclusive learning environments that foster global engagement, understanding, and responsibility.

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What is global studies?

Global studies critically examines transnational phenomena from multiple entry points. It is an emerging, interdisciplinary field that includes the study of politics, arts, economics, history, geography, technology, education, the environment, and more. In an increasingly more globalized world, it is critical that we engage in collaborative research and dialogue to understand trends, linkages, inequalities, and other global issues.

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Collaboration and innovation are central to our research

Collaboration and innovation are central our research, which explores and provides education on issues of global significance. We aim to create public intellectuals, bring scholars and practitioners into dialogue, and utilize social media and technology to produce new global knowledge for broad audiences.

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