Global Speakers Service

Spreading the word

At the Center for the Study of Global Change, we are eager to bring news of the world to our community, to spark interest and connections. Through our Global Speakers Service (GSS), we can arrange for IU faculty, advanced graduate students, and international students to make presentations at schools, colleges, and adult education classes, government organizations, churches, businesses, social clubs, libraries, museums, service clubs, and retirement communities within 50 miles of Bloomington.

This innovative outreach program is cooperatively organized by the Global Center and other world area studies centers across the IUB campus through the International Outreach Council.

Great Decisions program

You might also be interested participating in the Great Decisions program offered by The University Women’s Club, in cooperation with the Center for the Study of Global Change and other organizations. Great Decisions is the nation’s oldest and most popular program of citizen education in world affairs. The common purpose is to help members become informed and involved, and to understand how world events can affect their daily lives.

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