Global Studies Graduate Group

A collaborative, interdisciplinary forum

The Center for the Study of Global Change began hosting the Global Studies Graduate Group in January of 2016.

This group intends to serve graduate students in their global and interdisciplinary research endeavors by connecting them to fellow students and resources that will enable their growth as scholars. It provides graduate students working on global issues in any department, center, or school the chance to share their research and perspectives and get feedback from a variety of peers. Group members come from many disciplines, including but not limited to: economics, education, environmental science, geography, international and area studies, political science, and public health.

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Upcoming Events

  • Research Driven Art with Caroline Sinders
    • Monday February 25th, 9:30
    • Light lunch provided at Noon
    • Caroline Sinders is an artist and researcher exploring how new kinds of data sets, be it emotional data, traumatic data, or political data can then affect algorithms. How can these outputs be actualized as an art piece? Can the creation of a data set help create equity in digital spaces? Her work explores the intersections of critical design, data, and AI as art. This talk will explore the methodology she's created to guide both her art and research practice, called 'research driven art.' Inspired by photojournalism, critical design, and open source software, research driven art is a process driven artistic methodology, focusing on question answering and question exploring, and how a research process can be an arrtistic practice as well as an artistic output.

  • Atlas.ti Coding Workshop with Dr. Emily Meanwell
    • Thursday, March 21st, at noon
    • Dr. Emily Meanwell will discuss Atlas.ti Cloud Version as a useful and FREE software for coding data.