Global Studies Graduate Group

A collaborative, interdisciplinary forum

The Center for the Study of Global Change began hosting the Global Studies Graduate Group in January of 2016.

This group intends to serve graduate students in their global and interdisciplinary research endeavors by connecting them to fellow students and resources that will enable their growth as scholars. It provides graduate students working on global issues in any department, center, or school the chance to share their research and perspectives and get feedback from a variety of peers. Group members come from many disciplines, including but not limited to: economics, education, environmental science, geography, international and area studies, political science, and public health.

Is "Global" a dirty word?

That was the question the Graduate Student Study Group in Global Studies discussed last February when they met with historian and Assistant Professor Stephen Macekura. Macekura’s research focuses on political economy, international development, U.S. foreign relations, and environmentalism.

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How the group works

The group meets often and discussions follow several formats.

Biweekly research meetings, moderated by the Global Center, give students the chance to present work in progress within the larger landscape of global and international studies. The group issues periodic calls for presentation proposals. Last year, five students presented research in preparation for conferences.

Monthly workshops and seminars provide instruction in such areas as grant writing and management, academic writing, academic collaboration, and joint majors. Last year, the group attended Becoming Public Intellectuals, a training session on how to write policy briefs led by Les Lenkowsky of IU’s School for Public and Environmental Affairs.

Sessions with invited guest speakers give members the chance to explore issues in depth. Last year, the group participated in the Global Center’s Ambiguous Geographies symposium and met with noted scholar Cynthia Enloe.

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