Internationalization Collaborative Across Bloomington (ICAB)

What was ICAB?

From 2010 to 2014, the Internationalization Collaborative Across Bloomington (ICAB) brought together faculty and staff from Indiana University Bloomington and Ivy Tech Bloomington in learning communities to design global learning experiences for all students. The Center for the Study of Global Change and the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning provided professional development as these learning communities internationalized courses and curricula.

This unique partnership between a major research university and a large community college helped better prepare students for employment and lives in our interconnected 21st century.

What were ICAB's goals?

  • Increase awareness and interest in internationalization as an essential part of the undergraduate experience
  • Investigate and incorporate ways that internationalization can enhance teaching, learning, and assessment at IU and Ivy Tech
  • Nourish internationalization efforts on both campuses
  • Build faculty collaboration across disciplines and across campuses
  • Encourage reflective and authentic assessment practices for faculty as they become responsive to the complexities of international teaching and learning within their classrooms
  • Develop an internationalization model that will be disseminated to other institutions of higher education locally, regionally and nationally

Who else was involved?

  • the IU Office of the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education
  • the IU Office of the Vice President of International Affairs
  • eight Title VI International Centers at Indiana University
  • the Offices of the Chancellor, Academic Affairs, and Student Affairs at Ivy Tech
  • the Association of American Colleges and Universities

The ICAB team

These faculty members from Indiana University Bloomington and the Bloomington campus of Ivy Tech Community College worked on the ICAB initiative.

Indiana University Faculty

Selene Carter
Assistant Professor
Department of Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance

Rex R. Cutshall
ArcelorMittal Distinguished Lecturer,
I-Core Coordinator
Kelley School of Business

Betty Sibongile Dlamini
African Studies Program

Mary Embry
Senior Lecturer
Department of Apparel Merchandising & Interior Design

Deborah Getz
Center for Student Leadership Development
Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies Department

Vivian Nun Halloran
Associate Professor
Comparative Literature Department

Jeff Holdeman
Senior Lecturer in Slavic Languages & Literatures Department
Slavic Language Coordinator
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Advisor
Director of the Global Village Living-Learning Center

Hans Ibold
Assistant Professor, School of Journalism
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Central Eurasian Studies
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Russian and East European Institute

Karen M. Inouye
Assistant Professor
Department of American Studies

Olga Kalentzidou
Associate Director
International Studies Program
College of Arts and Sciences

Luise Prior McCarty
Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Education
School of Education

Peter Nemes
Department of International Studies
School of Global and International Studies

Dawn New
Business Communication
Kelley School of Business

Jennifer Piatt
Assistant Professor and Therapeutic Recreation Internship Coordinator
School of Public Health
Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies

Daniel Preston
Visiting Lecturer
School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA)

Whitney M. Schlegel
Associate Professor/Founding Director of Human Biology
Biology Department

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, Bloomington Faculty 2010-2013

Kirk Barnes
Dean of the School of Technology, Applied Science and Engineering Technology

Kathleen Bethell
Assistant Professor of English, Liberal Arts

Christine Brandel
Assistant Professor
English, Liberal Arts Department

Amy Brier
Assistant Professor of Fine Art

Donn Hall
History Department

Jim Heinzen
Professor in Business Administration
Dean of the Schools of Business, Education, and Public & Social Services

Kasandra L. Housley

Gino Issac
Nursing Instructor

Natasha X. Jacobs
Assistant Professor

James O. Smith
Business Administration

Robert Soto
Associate Professor
Social and Behavioral Science Department

Jeff Taber
Assistant Professor and Program Chair
Hospitality Administration

Martin Wolfger
Associate Professor/Dean
Social and Behavioral Science Department

Bill Worden
Assistant Professor

ICAB Staff

Hilary E. Kahn
Director of Center for the Study of Global Change, Director of ICAB
Indiana University Bloomington

George Rehrey
Principal Instructional Consultant
Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
Indiana University Bloomington

Bradley Thurmond
Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, Bloomington

Pam Potter
Administrative Assistant
Center for the Study of Global Change
Indiana University Bloomington

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